What Others Are Saying

“Your teaching is like FRESH WATER and FRESH BREAD! So grateful!”

Kathie P.

“I enjoy your class so much even after working 12 and 14 hour shifts, I have to login and join class.”

Shirley G.

“Sunday School was amazing today, as usual! The Christ of God! Such a wonderful topic of study! I was in awe of how God teaches through you.”

Bobby & Alice L.

August 2020

“Your zeal for God is a testimony of Christian maturity; it also demonstrates a level of seriousness for making disciples of Jesus Christ in a virtual environment.”

Dr. Donnell M.

July 2020

“It was Velma’s teaching that helped me to make up my mind to move back to Omaha to listen to more teachings of hers and attend more God’s Word, Alive! Bible Conferences.”


“Every word spoken at the Conference was a blessing.”


“Velma is a true teacher! Excellent preparation! So thorough! Hard work and seeking God was evident. Personal warmth and love for each person was shown. I only want more of her teaching – more of her insight.”
Kathie P.

“I appreciate the time you take in teaching the Bible verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter.”

“I was blessed by God through your teaching. Velma, your excitement about and understanding of God’s Word encourages me to continue to study.”

Sandra A.

“Velma, Thank God for your teaching! “You put it where the goats can get it!””

Barnett J.

“I have truly enjoyed The Survey of Revelation. Thank God for equipping you and using you for His glory.”

Brenda L.

“Hallelujah! You give so much food, a huge feast, that I spend the day pondering, chewing, and enjoying. Thank you my dear sister Velma! I hug you virtually and in the Spirit, and give thanks to God for you.”

Kathie P.

August 2020

“May God continue to bless you to be a blessing to all of us that are interested in studying God’s Holy Word.”

Jewel G

August 2020

“Well organized; well attended; informative and interesting. Keep teaching the Word of God, Velma!”


“It does not matter how many times I sit under the teaching of Sis. Sanders my eyes are opened to the beauty of God’s Word. Even if I have read the chapter being taught, I learn more of what God is saying to me and how to live the life that He has given me.”
Linda B.

“Velma is a dynamite speaker and teacher. She explains the Scripture and the lesson so that you can clearly understand it.
Rosie C.

“Very well versed in the scripture. Excellent communication and excellent teaching skills.”

“Thank you for keeping the integrity of God’s Word. The teaching materials and handouts are superb.”

Taylor A.

“Sis. Velma, I truly enjoy your Bible teaching. It was truly a terrific learning experience and you do it with such an anointing and fun. Yes, you make learning fun.”

Larry C.

“Thank you for your wonderful teaching of Luke! Your ministry and you as a sister-in-Christ has been such a blessing to me!”

Marsha H.

“My daughters and I discuss the chapters of Revelation, after class. You make it easy to understand!”

Carolyn P.

“Luke 24:45, ‘And He opened their understanding that they might comprehend the Scripture.’ This is the Scripture that comes to mind every time I attend Velma’s Bible Studies. I praise God and thank Him for the gift He has given her!”


“I was so blessed and glad that I came! I was overwhelmed with tears at one point as all Christ has done for me was being shared.”
Alan P.

“Sis. Sanders is a truly blessed of the Lord. Wonderful teacher and always makes it plain You will always come away with a blessing. I really enjoy her conferences.”
Carolyn T.

“I just had to tell you I am so inspired and excited every time I listen to you share Gods Word. Your teaching is always so informative and educational! But more than that, I have been God’s child from an early age, yet have had little, but REAL, interactions, with Him. I have only rarely thought this was just my imagination, my own inner thoughts coming up! But, tonight, I was once again, brought to joyful tears as you taught; sobbing (just for a second or two) basking in the Spirit washing over me! Thank the Lord! And, thank you Velma! ”
Lesha H.